The mission of The Emu Outfitting Company, since it was formed in 1987, has been to provide its clients with the best and most suitable outdoor fishing, hunting and photographic trips they desire, “with no surprises”.  We predicate success on our clients returning to enjoy not only for the fish or game they originally came to us for but also the people, scenery, history and stories of the regions they have visited.   Since 1986, The Emu Outfitting Company has booked for and operated hunting and fishing operations in North & South America as well as Africa.

Jim Kern, owner operator of The Emu Outfitting Company, has held professional guide licenses in Alaska, Idaho & Montana as well as having run deer and bird hunting operations in Texas since the company's inception. Jim has been the on site General Manager of Alaska's Rainbow Bay Resort and Angry Eagle Lodge and was the general manager of the American office of one the largest Peacock Bass fishing operations in Brazil's Amazon from late 1998 through early 2003. He has made 20 trips to Brazil to fish for Peacock Bass. His latest venture, in conjunction with Luis Brown, is a deluxe floating camp in Brazil's Amazon on private waters.

To share the love of the outdoors, the sporting life and all its intricacies is the goal of Jim Kern and The Emu Outfitting Company